True Love That Speaks

True love is like a fluid to the dehydrated, blood to the anemic, salvation to the sinner, liberation to the captive, relief to the depressed, freedom to the captive. True love is like an atomic bomb that destroys the targeted. Many today face diverse challenges in locating who their true lover or soul mate is. True love is like a magnet that attracts objects to itself; it is like honey to bees, it is like drugs to the ill, comfort to the bereaved, pleasure to the soul, heaven to the saved. However, true love does not come so easily. There’s a price tag attached to it, seeking for true love should be done with utmost tenacity to ensure that one does not fall a prey to the unfortunate or infatuation. True love is contagious, infectious, viral, wholesome, never stagnant, never aggressive, never hidden, there’s tolerance, selflessness, mutual trust, exhibition of true qualities.

Many have gotten themselves into hell on earth due to their inability to locate their true lover. Divorces, child abuse, conflicting homes, single mum and dads, unwanted and teen age pregnancies, brawling parents, chaotic environment and inordinate relationships outside the home. How can one identify true love from the pretentious around us? True love is never hidden it manifest itself without an iota of doubt. A young pastor named Jeff got himself into trouble due to his inability to identify his true soul mate, as a result it cost him not only his life but his worthwhile dream of running a ministry that would have catapulted him to his dream world. He did not care to find out what would make the world of a man and a woman, he thought what one sees in the opposite sex, that is all there is. But he was misled due to eye sight; eye sight is sometimes deceptive, infectious and destructive, so one should be cautious; for not all that glitters is gold.

The world we are today is a world of everything in an instant, now or never and many a times it is now to one’s destruction or never for good. Doing things hesitantly could inevitably lead to sorrows, woes or even a sad end. Contained in the list of our books are the real secrets to a true relationship. The story of the young pastor is found in the “The amazing life lessons for true soul mate seekers” get any of them and learn lots of relationship lessons.



Happy Home

When the home is happy virtually the children become happy as well. It is a clear indication that the rules to a happy home are dully observed. Trying to make our homes happy should be a collective responsibility.

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It does not take only the wealthy in making the homes happy. Proper coordination and the utmost desire to make our homes heaven on earth are the major prerequisite in the accomplishments of our goals and objectives. We should remember that love is the major component in building a happy home. Proper and clear communication is very vital in making the home worth what it should be. I therefore encourage everyone to get this e-book “HAPPY HOME” the secrets to building a happy home from our book store @the sum of one thousand Naira only. If you buy a copy you will also receive a free book on how to make $100 daily from amazon by an internet marketing expert. Pay at any GTBank, Account name: Daniel Matawal Atajan Account No: 0046372900 and text details of payment to 08035826393 or 08100909599 include your e-mail. Happy family building.

How to Have a Happy Family

Peace starts from home.

There are few things one can do to make the level of happiness in the family high and favourable. And as you do that keep in mind that, as you affect your environment positively, your environment can also affect you positively. However, it is very imperative to make your house feel like home where everyone looks forward to coming to rather than staying away.


Your five senses ought to be happy; happiness is a choice  no one can enforce happiness in you without your consent.

Color affects your mood; the choice of colours should be done carefully, not to affect your mood negatively.

Use the power of touch; create a good level of intimacy in the home with the family members, show affection, hug and kiss every one.

Positive words; speak positive words to everyone, mention the things that makes you happy and are grateful for.

There should be reasonable expectations; clear structures of your dreams, goals and objectives, tolerance and compassion.

Get rid of clutters; do away with the unwanted things in the home

Make your dinner full of fun, discuss on issues that affect everyone either positive or negative

How to Have a Happy, Prosperous and Successful Home

Our homes must be properly defined and lasting solutions proffered to all the manner of negative influences that affect our homes.  Strenuous activities that just exerts the energy in us without making any positive headway. Our homes must be protected, preserved, guided, given a face lift.

Having a happy home is every one’s desire, unless one is a derelict. Conflicting issues in the home,hatred, anger, bitterness, rioting, tattered and degraded homes, divorces, wayward kids, alcoholism, workaholics, frustration, dejection, lack of trust dehumanization  and all the social ill vices that surround us.

Why are marriages not being kept as ordained? Men and women exhibiting outlandish attributes, defrauding one another, inordinate associations, lusting after that which is not part of us. Abandoning spouses for irrelevant and minute issues, harbouring unforgiveness in our hearts and polishing the undesired.

Poverty, joblessness, laziness, living a life of dishonesty, these and many more abound in our homes today. Is there some one somewhere who cares, is there a solution to such uncommon threads in our present generation of everything in an instant? Absolutely Yes! first we need  to know who we  are, thereby taking responsibility. The human generation was created exceedingly different from that of the animals. We need to be knowledgeable of our abilities as regards to what we can do, ability to control our emotions, being patient with one another, tolerating one another and so on…

Dear  friends, in everything there are laws safeguarding it, without knowing and applying the laws to everything there’s bound to be inevitable circumstances. But listen, there are laws that leads to unending  peace, happiness, prosperity, health and success, know these laws, apply them and expect the flows of miracles beyond human expectations n your life. These laws are just simple, plain truth, knowing and abiding by them would make our homes better places to be inhabited. In this carefully researched and packaged e-book you will discover the amazing truths in building a happy home. Get your own copy today  from our bookstore.

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